Staff Augmentation

Augment your in-house team with the pre-vetted talents to strengthen your squads and speed up the production process without compromising the quality of products.

Minimal contracting effort

Simple cost models

Avoid hiring/rehiring cost

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Fully Administered Dedicated Teams

InStaffOut is an IT service provider specialized in deploying remote dedicated development teams from the top 4% pre-vetted and tested developers, engineers, architects, and project managers, all working under your supervision and with your team.
While engaged fully in project development, our clients rely on our services to augment their teams with the pre-vetted talents to strengthening their squads and speed up the production process without compromising the quality of products. In addition to the initial team building, we provide our clients with fully administrated scalable solutions.

Experience in the global IT market

Having been providing Outsatffing services for more than a decade, our team is experienced and qualified to guide you through the processes of initial project requirements, team building, and development stages.

Advantages of hiring InstaffOut as your global tech Partner

Our Outstaffing distrubuated office model has been of great benefit to our clients as it saves tremendous time and effort in hiring, local vetting, and navigating employment regulations in foreign countries. When selecting to use the Oustaffing model, you will be solely contracting with InstaffOut. Our company will be assuming the responsibilities of managing the human resources. At the same time, you focus on developing your project.

Information security

As your technology partner to many global organizations and innovative Startups, there is no more important issue for our business than the full protection of clients' project integrity, code protection, and security of all information, documentation, and communication related to that project. All contractors with our organization are obliged to sign legally binding strong NDA agreements.

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